European Lupus Meeting – Venice October 5th-8th

The European Lupus Meeting is a scientific congress focusing on clinical practice and lupus research in Europe, that takes place every other year. This year it will take place in Venice from October 5th – 8th. Between 500-700 people, with the majority being doctors from the rheumatology or immunology fields, but also various other specialties, will attend to get updated on what is happening in lupus.  Some people from industry and a few patients, among others, will also participate.
Earlier this year LUPUS EUROPE called all members and our online community to encourage the submission of abstracts with a patient perspective for the scientific review at the European Lupus Meeting 2016.
We received 6 eligible abstracts – and all 6 were accepted! Two for oral presentation in the programme and four for poster viewing during different sessions. This is a fantastic success rate and we congratulate everyone for their hard work:
Davide Mazzoni will be giving his oral presentation of SOCIAL SUPPORT AND QUALITY OF LIFE IN SLE on October 8th, Casino Room 12.10-12.20.
Elena Forgione will present her poster Sociocultural context; Mind-Body; Doctor-patient relationship on the 7th, during the morning poster viewing session.
Amaia Dominquez will present her poster SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS; HEALTH-RELATED QUALITY OF LIFE (HRQOL); PAIN, also on October 7th, in the afternoon poster viewing session.
On behalf of Blanca Rubio, Kirsten Lerstrøm will present Capabilities of European lupus groups; Members of LUPUS EUROPE, also during the October 7th afternoon poster viewing session.
Patients are admitted without a registration fee which is a fantastic acknowledgement of the situation of the patients themselves as well as the groups they could represent. None have any funds to pay the rather substantial admission fee, when on sick leave or working on a voluntary basis. This year a small group of patient representatives has registered and, further to the above mentioned, a good group from Italy will be there, together with a couple from the UK, Denmark, Lithuania and France.
We are really looking forward to the four days of the European Lupus Meeting 2016!

Access to Healthcare survey – reminder

The European Patients’ Forum survey on Access to healthcare will be closing on 31st October. They still need your responses. The survey is very quick to fill out and your replies are very important. Thanks a lot for supporting EPF and their members (including LUPUS EUROPE) by taking this survey. You can find more information and a link to the questionnaire here.


countdown… LUPUS EUROPE Convention 2016

There are just under two weeks to go before LUPUS EUROPE holds its annual convention. This year we will be in Würzburg, Germany and also celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of our members, Lupus Germany.

We are looking forward to an inspiring convention, with lots of things to share. See you there!


Sunscreens survey

The European Society of Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus e.V. (EUSCLE e.V.) has set up a European survey on sunscreen application in patients with lupus erythematosus. LUPUS EUROPE has been closely involved in this important project.

The aim of the observational study “Sunscreens in Patients with Lupus Erythematosus (SmiLE)” is to investigate the type of sunscreen applied by patients with lupus erythematosus and efficacy in daily life. This project was winner in the category “Leadership Community” of the Galderma SKIN PACT Award 2015. Detailed information on the study, its purpose and background are provided here:

An online questionnaire for patients has been translated into 20 European languages. Patients with any type of systemic lupus can fill out the survey. You can go to the survey at this link and participate in this important project:

Please share the survey link to any lupus patients you know. The survey will be open until end of October 2016.