EPF Access to healthcare consultation!


As you may know, LUPUS EUROPE is involved in an EPF work group on Access to Healthcare.

EPF needs patient input on the subject of Access to Healthcare. Attention, the deadline is 6th October. For more information and to make your voice heard please click here.

Patient stories

We are back from a great and productive LUPUS EUROPE convention. Fully inspired from meeting so many committed people, not only from Europe, but from around the world during our Meet the Lupus World patient leader summit.

One of the projects being kicked off following the convention is a call for Patient Stories. If you are a member of one of our patient groups and would like to participate, please don’t hesitate to send us your story!

If you need any further information contact katharine@lupus-europe.org

Patient stories doc

Vienna – Meet the Lupus World

There will be more news from Vienna but as a teaser, here are a few photos of the great work going on here. This is the first time we have got together, with international groups and patient leaders from the four corners of the world, in one patient summit. There is so much to inspire and motivate so even if we are all tired, our minds are buzzing with possibilities for the future. 

As many of us as we could get on the stairs of this magnigficent venue.

And a couple of pictures of the hard work going on in the workshops. 


ICL congress and LUPUS EUROPE convention

Tomorrow the ICL congress starts in Vienna. Many of you will already be there to get the most benefit from the congress before attending our very own convention. We wish you all a great congress and convention!

See you there!

11th International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus